Ingeborg Russ

Ingeborg Russ

I‘m a woman with joy in life. I feel vitalized from being with and sharing with people, being in nature, and from travelling. I am grateful for everything I have already experienced and I am curious about what is still to come, because I know:

"There is still so much life in life!“

This is my motto for life. It has always motivated me to look for “the life“, the meaningful, the valuable, the new, the future-oriented in difficult and easy life situations.

For health reasons I was retired early at the age of 40. This was like a “full stop" of what had been my life which had been - a regular life up to that point. I was forced to look for life in life anew. Logotherapy and existential analysis (Viktor Frankl) helped me significantly with this.

When my life was “in flow“ again, I decided to train in Logotherapy and Existential analysis, so that I too could support people with this form of therapy. Later on I added training in coaching, imagination and “Voice Dialogue“.

It is my pleasure and passion to support people in discovering their own diversity and uniqueness, to gain clarity about their future path in life, to develop the courage to walk that path and thereby reach a fulfilled life - to finally realize their “life in life".

It could benefit you to contact me, if you …

  • Feel dull, feel life lacks meaning / purpose, lacks perspective, are depressed
  • Are dealing with loss whether of a loved one, a job, a relationship or . . . and the associated grief
  • Have experienced trauma for example an accident, physical or psychological violence, or sexual abuse
  • Have a serious illness, such as cancer. . .
  • Need reorientation after a „break“ in life
  • Have low self-esteem
  • Have unfulfilled life dreams
  • Experience anxiety
  • Have to deal with conflicts in your professional or private life
  • Experience struggle with decision making
  • Desire for personal development


If any of the above resonate with you, please Contact me.

In an initial free consultation you can establish whether working with me will be useful and how I can support you in your goals.

I spent several years in New Zealand and had great experiences with using Zoom for my sessions.

What enables me to do this?

  • Bachelor of Educational Science (at the University of Regensburg and Munich)
  • Training in Logotherapy and Existential Analysis at the Institutes in Fürstenfeldbruck and Hamburg
  • Training in Value-Oriented Personality Formation at the Hamburg Institute for Existential Analysis and Logotherapy
  • Training in Value Oriented Imagination (Uwe Böschemeyer)
  • Training in Coaching with JANUS.
  • Further Training in Transaction Analysis and Gestalt Therapy
  • Training in Voice Dialogue (Tim Kelley)
  • Certificate Enneagram Train-the-Trainer „Bringing Out the Best in Yourself at Work" (Ginger Lapid-Bogda
  • Certified to practise as a non-medical practitioner in the field of psychotherapy (HPG)
  • Acquisition of the European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP)
  • My own practice since 1999
  • Have successfully offered online services since 2015.